What is Rahman site?

About Rahman Institute

Rahman site is an online Quran & Arabic & islamic Studies School ready to help you whether you want to learn holy quran reading, memorizing or tajweed Rules or learn standard Arabic language through online one-to-one sessions. We will help you Step by Step,  We can work with your needs to ensure the best learning environment for you or your kids around the clock.

Our mission

Helping Students in all over the world to learn in easy and good ways.

Our vision

a wide-spread usage of the Arabic language, Islamic studies and Islamic culture all over the world.

Our Tutors

In our site you have Specialized teachers, most of them are Hafiz and holding IjazahOur teachers are Egyptian citizens, and they are very active about the lessons they teach, and they see that Learning is a duty and necessity, and it must be done in an attractive and interesting way.

Our Courses

At Rahman, we offer you with love a variety of courses, whether you are looking for a course for beginners or advanced, or you are young or old, capable of slow or fast achievement, all of our courses are achievable on this site according to your needs to ensure that you achieve your goals that you plan .

Our students

”Rahman network ” targets students from all countries, nationalities, religions and ages, so our students include:

Students with different goals, some of them study Arabic for religious reasons – the Muslims in various countries of the world- , some of them study it to connect with other people of his friends or family, or for working at one of Arab countries, or to  get a job in one of the governmental authorities of his country.

So Rahman network has various courses to serve the different needs of the students.

Our Strategy

Is to teach Arabic, Quran, Islamic studies for men, women and kids, in lowest prices, Highest quality, and good time.
  • Specialized Native Arabic tutors.
  • The most efficient ways in teaching Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic.
  • Interactive classes, You will feel as if you are in a real class.
  • A lot of exercises in different types.
  • Helping to practice speaking Arabic in different life situations.
  • Choose the program that suits your needs: conversation and learning how to communicate, memorizing the Qur’an, understanding the Qur’an and knowing its meanings, reciting the Qur’an correctly, knowing the rules of tajweed, learning Islamic studies, obtaining Ijazah in the Qur’an…etc.
  • We are available around the clock so you can Pick the most suitable time for your schedule .
  • Various courses in all Arabic and Islamic programs.

Teaching strategy and methodology

  • Our teaching strategy and methodology depends on all available curricula, in addition to our own curricula, which were prepared by a team of researchers working with us on our site.
  •  We use all modern educational programs and styles.
  •  Our strategy also depends on active interactive education between the teacher and the student, which achieves higher learning outcomes.
  •  We also depends on the method of self-learning through homework, and we are interesting in to follow up and correct them until we reach the student’s level to the best.
  • Our strategy aims to improve the learner at all levels and in various skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.