Holy Quran In Historical and Scientific Prospects

Quran the book for the muslims. As every religion has its own holy books, Quran is the holy book respective to the Muslim religion. It is a gift to human beings by the God. Quran has about 30 Chapters, 114 Surahs and 6236 verses for guiding the humans towards their ultimate goal. Holy Quran consists of the rules and regulations for the general life of human beings. Because of some misunderstandings general people (other than Muslims) do not have a positive attitude for the teachings of Quran. But there are many historical and scientific prospects of Quran. With a detailed study of Quran anyone can understand its intention for human behavior.

The Quran particularly, is the ideal way to accept God religiously as well as mentally. The invitation to replicate on God’s signs is well said all through the Quran. Quran says, not to accept any information until unless you verify it, for which the god has gifted us the eyesight, brain, and senses. God has asked us to read the holy Quran very carefully.

In scientific prospects of Quran, it has so much scientific content in itself. The new researches by the scientist which are coming in the light in current scenario are described in Quran deeply. It is described in Quran that everything in this mortal world is derived from the word “Allah”, which has a deep resonance frequency. The big bang theory is the reflection of separate heaven and earth theory in Quran. In other scientific respects of Quran, the progress of a human child in mother’s womb is explained well in Quran from the generation of ovum up to a human child.

In historical aspects of Quran, it has the accurate historical events like the destiny of Pharaoh. Other historical facts of Quran include the defeat of Persians in Issus battle with the Romans. So, Quran has rich historical segments as well in its verses.

Verses of Quran gives a confirmation that God has given us proofs of His existence and also in the whole universe. It all gives a call to read, reflect and verify. Unhappily, some conventional Muslims still hadn’t accepted the great miracles of The Quran and find it hard to accept that God has a solid proof of its existence in Quran. It just exposes the ignorance of them towards God and Quran despite the fact that historical and scientific prospects of Quran have been proved.

According to the sculptures, there are a dozen of reasons, why Muslims should follow the Quran and nothing else should affect or amend the religious laws of Islam. The Quran contains God’s law that lay down the rituals and practices of worship, but also meant to attain justice. The Quran always offers solid and uncomplicated clear-cut solutions. If there is more than one solution, it always gives allowance for complicated or extraordinary conditions.

So, as per the present time holy Quran should be learned in the light of historical and scientific prospects of Quran. It is the main reason behind the fact that Muslim religion is growing and is a very large community now. It is another important fact that the virtues of True Islam are the consequences of Quran and derived from the customs of Muslim religion.

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