How do you understand the Qur’an if you do not know Arabic?

How do you understand the Qur’an if you do not know Arabic?

In the beginning, you must know that understanding the Qur’an in Arabic is much better than understanding it without Arabic, because the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, and there are some Arabic vocabulary that are difficult to translate, and the Arabic language is a very rich language, and Arabic words have many synonyms, and God Almighty may mention a word to express For the intended meaning, and this word sometimes cannot be replaced with its synonym, because it will not express the full meaning intended.

But if you do not have enough time to study Arabic, it is possible to read translated books of the explanation of the Qur’an (Tafseer books), that will be very useful for you.

But learning Arabic is not difficult.

At first, you will need to learn (Alqaidaa annooraniaa), which is a set of important lessons to learn how to correctly pronounce Arabic and Quranic letters and words, then you can start studying Arabic and Tajweed rules, and there are many books dedicated to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

You will need a good teacher to teach Arabic Tajweed rules, and to practice the language with him, because learning the language without practicing will not be useful, if you do not practice the language you will forget it very quickly, so it is better to have some friends who speak Arabic, and do not depend on the teacher only, so you can improves Your level quickly.

The teacher who will teach you must take care of all the skills you need to learn Arabic, which are listening skill, speaking skill, reading skill and writing skill.

You must also make sure that the teacher has studied at a university or college specialized in teaching Arabic, it is not enough to be an Arab, because many Arabs speak dialect and cannot speak Standard Arabic as they cannot teach it.

It is best to prepare at the beginning of all your lessons by talking to the teacher and using the words that you learned before, because the practicing and using the words in dialogue will get you better in no time.

You must do all your homeworks, and the teacher must give the student a variety of assignments, covering all language skills.

And if you are serious about learning the language, keep going and don’t stop, because the interruption makes you late and start again, but the continuation will make you learn quickly as soon as possible.


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