Tajweed rules

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    This course has been prepared to learn how to pronounce the letters and words of the Noble Qur’an in a correct way, such as knowing the consonant and the vowel of letters, knowing the difference in pronunciation, knowing when to extend the sound and when not to extend it, and knowing where the sound comes out, whether it is the throat or between the lips or something else.


    What is meant by Tajweed rules?

    The word tajweed linguistically means “to do something in a good way,” but tajweed in the Qur’an refers to the rules of reading the Qur’an in a good way as it was revealed to our prophet Muhammad through Angel of the Revelation the angel Gabriel, peace be upon him.


    What will happen when we read the Qur’an without tajweed:

    If a person is not aware of the rules of recitation and the characteristics of each letter of the Qur’an, such as the heavy and light letters, and if he is not aware of the inflection signs, pause signs , then there is a possibility that the Qur’an reader will change the meaning of the words in the recitation of the Qur’an.


    How can a student learn Tajweed rules online?

    The Arabic teacher can pronounce the Arabic letters from their correct articulation point and train the student on the correct pronunciation. The teacher explains the letter’s articulation point and its pronunciation method and repeats this until the student notices the correct way and pronounces the letter in the same way, and performs the different rulings in the same way, until he masters all the Tajweed rules, as The teacher uses animations, and uses the whiteboard to explain these rules so that they are clear and easy for the student.


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