How do you memorize the Qur’an?

How do you memorize the Qur’an?

My Brother. My Sister:

We want to memorize Quran because we love to memorize it, Because the Qur’an is life for the hearts and light in the chests of people and purification for ourselves and guidance for our Minds  and it is the secret of happiness in this life and the hereafter. Furthermore we know that every letter recited, Allah rewards us for this. and we hope from Allah to be from the closest people to him, because the prophet muhammed  said: The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it.

when you learn  the quran your hearts feel alive and you can change your live for the better.

But how you can memorize it:

Follow these points:

  • Alikhlass (Sincerity):

You must make sure that your heart is pure, and your intention to do  that for Allah the Sublime and Exalted, and to correct the desire.

and for gaining success in the hereafter with His Paradise and obtaining His pleasure.

Also for obtaining those mighty rewards which are reserved for those who recited the Quran and memorised it. Allah the Exalted said:


So worship Allaah, making the Deen sincerely for Him. Is it not to Allaah that sincere worship is due? [Zumar 39:2-3]

He also said:

Say: I have been commanded that I worship Allaah making the Deen sincerely for Him. [Zumar 39:11]

And the Messenger of Allaah (sas) said: “Allaah the Exalted said: I am so self-sufficient that I am in no need of having an associate. Thus, he who does an action for someone elses sake as well as Mine will have that action renounced by Me to him whom he associated with Me.” [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

Therefore, there is no reward for the person who recited the holy Quran and memorised it to show off and to be heard of. There is also no doubt that the person who recited the Quran desiring by it the world and seeking some sort of worldy reward for it is sinful.

  • Correction of the Pronunciation and Recitation:

The second step in memorising the Quran after Ikhlaas is the correction, So the Muslim should correct All his mistakes In the pronunciation and the recitation of the Quran. So he should listen to a good reciter, and he should study with him, because the good reciter will correct all the mistakes for you. The Quran is not learned except by acquiring it from another. Thus, the Messenger (pbuh) who is the most eloquent of the Arab people in speech, took it from Jibreel (pbuh) orally. The Prophet (pbuh) himself used to recited the Quran to Jibreel once in every year, but in the year that he died he recited it to him twice. [Reported by Bukhaaree]

Then the Messenger taught it to the Companions orally and they did that for who came after them, and so on.

So you should take the holy Quran from a good reciter, that is obligatory and not depending on oneself in its recitation even if you have knowledge of the Arabic language and its rules, because some verses in the Quran has exception and special rules.

3- Set a daily limit for saving:

If you are serious about starting to memorize, you should set a daily limit for yourself.

A small number of verses at the beginning, then you can increase to one or two pages or more as much as possible, and you can listen to the verses that you want to memorize from a good reciter, then try to recite with the same way, and try to imitate him in Tajweed rules and to improve the sound and performance, then you should repeat these verses in front of the Sheikh, then with yourself a lot until you are assured of memorizing them.

  • It is better to master the daily limit than to increase it:

If you have more time for the Qur’an, it is better to review what you have memorized until you master it well, than to memorize new verses while the old verses have not memorized well, and you can repeat those verses in the supererogatory prayers (Annawafil) when you pray alone, and in night prayers, as well as in the obligatory prayers

if you do not go to the mosque for congregational prayer.

  • Don’t change your book as much as possible:

Whoever wants to master memorizing must use one type of Qur’an, and if he is able to use only one Mushaf for memorizing, that will be better, because the places of verses may change from one Mushaf to another, and this makes memorizing more difficult, but using one Mushaf helps memorize verses in their places. Fixed it makes memorization better.

  • Study the meanings of the verses and the reasons for their revelation

When you study the meanings of the verses of the Qur’an, your memorization of the Qur’an will be better, and you will feel the benefit of what you are doing, instead of memorizing without understanding or realizing, just as memorizing without understanding will quickly forget it, but memorizing with understanding will be constant, and you can remember what you forgot by remembering The meaning, and your pronunciation of the words will be better because you understand the meaning, but if you do not understand their meaning, you may change some letters and pronounce the words incorrectly.

  • Reciting to Sheikh

Many people think that they are reading the Qur’an well, and they cannot discover their mistakes, because they cannot tell the difference well between right and wrong, and they cannot discover those mistakes except when they read to a sheikh.

Therefore, one who memorizes the Qur’an must read to a sheikh to ensure the correctness of what he has memorized from the Qur’an.

  • Continuous revision of the Qur’an

If you are able to memorize the Qur’an, then know that this is a great blessing from God and you must preserve it, because he who does not review the Qur’an regularly will quickly forget it.. So the Messenger of Allaah (pbuh) said: “By Him in whose Hand is my soul, it is faster in escaping than a tied camel.” Reported by Bukhaaree and Muslim.

And he Also said: “Verily, the example of the owner of the Quran is like the example of the owner of the tied camel. If he keeps it tied (commits himself to it) he will hold it back and if he lets it loose it will escape from him.”

  • Review the Resembling Parts of the Quran in particular:

The Holy Qur’an includes many Resembling verses, and these verses may reach to one thousand verses. It is known that the verses of the entire Qur’an are six thousand two hundred and thirty-six verses, And some verses are Resembling, especially when these verses relate to presenting the stories of the Qur’an in a different way from their presentation in other places, and it may be difficult to distinguish between those verses if you do not memorize the Qur’an well.



How do you understand the Qur’an if you do not know Arabic?

How do you understand the Qur’an if you do not know Arabic?

In the beginning, you must know that understanding the Qur’an in Arabic is much better than understanding it without Arabic, because the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, and there are some Arabic vocabulary that are difficult to translate, and the Arabic language is a very rich language, and Arabic words have many synonyms, and God Almighty may mention a word to express For the intended meaning, and this word sometimes cannot be replaced with its synonym, because it will not express the full meaning intended.

But if you do not have enough time to study Arabic, it is possible to read translated books of the explanation of the Qur’an (Tafseer books), that will be very useful for you.

But learning Arabic is not difficult.

At first, you will need to learn (Alqaidaa annooraniaa), which is a set of important lessons to learn how to correctly pronounce Arabic and Quranic letters and words, then you can start studying Arabic and Tajweed rules, and there are many books dedicated to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

You will need a good teacher to teach Arabic Tajweed rules, and to practice the language with him, because learning the language without practicing will not be useful, if you do not practice the language you will forget it very quickly, so it is better to have some friends who speak Arabic, and do not depend on the teacher only, so you can improves Your level quickly.

The teacher who will teach you must take care of all the skills you need to learn Arabic, which are listening skill, speaking skill, reading skill and writing skill.

You must also make sure that the teacher has studied at a university or college specialized in teaching Arabic, it is not enough to be an Arab, because many Arabs speak dialect and cannot speak Standard Arabic as they cannot teach it.

It is best to prepare at the beginning of all your lessons by talking to the teacher and using the words that you learned before, because the practicing and using the words in dialogue will get you better in no time.

You must do all your homeworks, and the teacher must give the student a variety of assignments, covering all language skills.

And if you are serious about learning the language, keep going and don’t stop, because the interruption makes you late and start again, but the continuation will make you learn quickly as soon as possible.



Why do many non-Arab students want to learn Arabic

Why do many non-Arab students want to learn Arabic?

Many Muslim and non-Muslim students want to learn and specialize in the Arabic language.

For Muslim students, they love it because it is the language of the Quran (the words of the God), who revealed it to His Messenger through the angel Jibril peace be upon him, and we should use the Arabic language to read the Quran and to pray.

Furthermore the understanding of the Arabic language well makes me a master of understanding the Quran and Sunnah and the understanding of Arabic and Islamic studies, and that will make me able to explain Islam and preaching people to it.

As for non-Muslims, it is also useful for them, because the Arabic language is one of the most widely formal languages ​​in the world. It is spoken by over 467 million people, and therefore it has the fourth place in terms of being the most prevalent languages ​​in the world, and is an formal language of the twenty-seven States, which is the fourth language in terms of the number of users on the Internet, one of the formal languages ​​of the six in the United Nations, and it celebrated in the global day on the eighteenth of December each year, it is also very rich language, It contains more than 12 million words, so the non-Muslims are keen to learn it also so that they can communicate them with many peoples, and to read the Islamic studies that written in Arabic.

But what helped the spread of the Arabic language in such a big way?

The Qur’an helped it. Because those who converted to Islam wanted to learn Arabic so that they can read the Qur’an, in addition to the expansibility of the Islamic conquests led to the Arab spread across the Countries, many of the peoples of those countries learned Arabic language and Islamic studies.

What dialect of Arabic should you learn? Arabic (Eastern), Arabic (Egyptian) or Arabic (Modern Standard)?

Unless you have a specific reason to learn a dialect (ie you have family you want to talk to, you’re going to be living there the rest of your life, etc.) Modern Standard Arabic is the way to go. Almost anything translated for Arabic users is translated into Modern Standard Arabic, and there are more language courses for Modern Standard Arabic than there are for the dialects. Further, Modern Standard Arabic is understood by any educated person in the Middle East, as opposed to dialects which are only really understood locally. Finally, it’s easier to go from Modern Standard Arabic to a dialect as opposed to one dialect to another since most dialects (except maybe Moroccan) end up just being ‘Modern Standard Arabic but this is different.’

In short, Modern Standard Arabic sits in the linguistic center of the Arabic dialects, making it the most flexible option for new learners of Arabic.

Will a non-Muslim have a harder time learning Arabic compared to a Muslim?

No brother, There are many non Muslims who mastered Arabic. So, finding a language hard or easy depends on each individual/motivation.

The only reason that may make it easier for Muslims to learn Arabic is using it in their prayers and also with communicating to a lot of Arab Muslims(reading Quran etc). This is the only advantage I may think of. However, if someone is learning Arabic for becoming a translator or studying politics majoring in the Middle East studies, they won’t really find Arabic that hard.

Note, There are thousands of Arabic words in the Quran that more than 80% of Arabs cannot understand including those who have graduated from universities. To understand Quran, you must have BA in the Islamic studies.

So, it’s all about what motivates you to learn something.


How To Understand The Divine Message Of The Quran

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the word ‘miracle’ is: “An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws, and is, therefore, attributed to a divine agency.”

The Quran is a unique book. It is completely unlike any other book you have ever read. Keep in mind that professional data recovery services can be expensive, so weigh the cost can i create another volume to recover files in drive against the value of the lost files before proceeding. This is so because it is the Speech of Allah, God, in the Arabic language. There are many things which vouch for the fact that the Quran is divine text and is a miracle in itself. Here are some of the miraculous attributes of the Quran:


    1. The Quran is in the Arabic language, yet no writer, Arab or non-Arab, has ever been able to produce a text matching the majesty and power of the Quran using the same letters and the same language. In fact, the Quran, itself, has challenged those who scorn it without reading it, to come up with a book similar to it, or at least to produce just ten chapters equal in grace and depth to those of the Quran; nay, even a single Surah of matching quality. It is a historical fact that no one has ever been able to take up the challenge. The reason is simple: the Quran is divine speech and, hence, it cannot be reproduced by mere mortals.


    1. Like most people of the time, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was totally unlettered. That is, he could neither read, nor write. There is absolutely no possibility, therefore, that he could have read any other divine text, copied from it, and then written the Quran himself. This is yet another proof that the Quran is divine text and, therefore, a miracle.


    1. Another fact is that there is absolutely no contradiction or discrepancy in the Quran. The Quran has survived intact, word for word, for hundreds of years. It is still as consistent and accurate as it was when it was first revealed almost fifteen hundred years ago, and there are no signs that this will ever change. No other book in the world has survived unchanged for that long a period.


    1. There are several scientific facts related in the Quran pertaining to various branches of science, from medicine and biology to astronomy and physics, the discovery of which came about many centuries later, although they had been accurately mentioned in the Quran. Scientists are, therefore, astounded when they read the Quran.


  1. The Quranic text, hence, is a divine miracle. All miracles are from the one, omnipotent and omniscient, God, even those that people tend to ascribe to other people or things.


A parable of how divine speech differs from human speech – and one which is applicable for all God’s creation – can be observed in the common earth soil upon which people walk every day. This soil is made up of elements whose properties have been thoroughly studied by scientists and are well established. Yet, the most advanced products man has been able to manufacture out of soil is bricks, tiles, assorted containers, such as pots and jugs, or at the most various types of composite buildings. But Allah, on the other hand, has created life with these same elements of the soil.

The Quran – The Speech of Allah in the Arabic language – is similar to the example just given in that it uses although it employs the letters of the Arabic language, yet it is far superior to the ordinary Arabic language in its meaning and grammar. The second Surah, or chapter, of the Quran opens with these words:

This is the Book; there is no doubt about ita guidance for those who are conscious of, and fear, God.” Al Quran, Surah 02, Ayah 02.

This is an implicit example of the divinity of the Quran. The Arabs of the time when these verses of the Quran were revealed could not imagine producing anything like it, even though it was an era when the Arabic language was at its finest and most refined form. Yet, neither the Arabs of that era, nor has anyone ever since – Arab, or non-Arab – been able to replicate the superior vernacular of the Quran. That is why the people of those times were certain that the Quran was divine speech and they readily embraced its message of true monotheism. This holds true even nowadays. Anyone who reads the Quran becomes certain that it is The Speech of Allah and accepts Islam despite every effort to portray Islam negatively.

Thus the Quran first establishes the divine origin of its message, and then clearly proclaims that only those people would benefit from it who fear God. That the Quran is the unadulterated word of God, there is no doubt. Anyone who reads the Quran with an open mind and an unbiased heart will discover this fact right away. All it takes is clearing one’s heart of any traces of arrogance; for arrogance is the mark of obstinate people, and read Quran with a sincere wish for guidance and knowledge.

But what if one does not know how to read Quran? Thanks to modern communications technology, one can easily learn to read Quran online nowadays via the internet. Just search for a reputable online Quran school and register for online Quran lessons, and you will be on your way to the most amazing experience of your life. The step-by-step can deleted files on flash drive be recovered guide provided in the article was easy to follow, even for someone like me who is not very tech-savvy.

Farakh Jamil is a writer and an IT professional. He is currently working as manager of the IT department at The Quran School, an online Quran teaching institution, where, apart from managing the institution’s websites, he also writes content for them. The Quran School can be accessed at: [http://www.eonlinequran.com]

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Quran Recitation Manners

However to get an idea of the reward of the Quran Recitation, we might consider the following verse.

“And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden barrier”. Quran Al-Isra [17:45]

The more we think about it the more we realize the benefits of the Quran recitation. Allah Almighty promises to place a barrier between those who recite Quran and those who are non-believers. Can a person who does the Quran Recitation ask for more? Consider the following verse of the Holy Quran.

“And that I should recite the Quran. Therefore, whoever goes aright, he goes aright for his own soul, and whoever goes ‘ astray, then say: I am only one of the warners”. Quran An-Naml [27:92]

The Muslim parents have a responsibility of teaching the Quran to their children. The must encourage the Quran Recitation by their children as the rewards for this are immense. It is easier for the children to learn the Arabic script even when they are non-Arabs. In fact, the things learnt in the childhood usually, last in the memory for life. It does not mean that the adults cannot learn to recite the Quran in Arabic. It is easily possible with the help of a teacher trained in all the aspects of teaching the adults.

When the Quran Recitation has such, huge rewards it comes naturally to the mind that there must be some manners that should be observed for it. The Muslims must respect it from heart and take it seriously.

Before starting the Reciting Quran, a person should make sure that he is “pak” or clean in terms of the Islamic requirements. The person should perform ablution. Both, the Muslim men and the women should cover their satar properly to recite the Quran. Moreover, the Muslims should try not to make a mistake while reciting the Quran. If they are in learning phase, the recitation session should be administered by a qualified teacher.

The Muslims should also never forget that there are some manners, which must be observed even when one is listening to the Quran Recitation.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran,

“And when the Quran is recited, then listen to it and remain silent, that mercy may be shown to you”. Quran Al-Araf [7:204]

Some Islamic scholars say that listening to the Quran Recitation silently is compulsory in the Quran. The listening of the Quran Recitationis also a cause of virtues for the Muslims.

The manners of the Quran Recitation are not just limited to thephysical aspects and conditions.There are some spiritual conditions for the people who recite the Quran. Consider the following verse as the reference.

“So when you recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan” Quran An-Nahl [16:98]

The above mention verse clearly explains the spiritual manners of the recitation of the Quran.

If you want to read more Articles regarding to Islam and Quran you can find all here: Quran Recitation is an online Islamic School which offers Quran teaching services online. The school also teaches Quran Recitation and Quran Reading with Translation.

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O my friend — but it is too much for my strength — I sink under the weight of the splendour of these visions! A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress, then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me.


Holy Quran In Historical and Scientific Prospects

Quran the book for the muslims. As every religion has its own holy books, Quran is the holy book respective to the Muslim religion. It is a gift to human beings by the God. Quran has about 30 Chapters, 114 Surahs and 6236 verses for guiding the humans towards their ultimate goal. Holy Quran consists of the rules and regulations for the general life of human beings. Because of some misunderstandings general people (other than Muslims) do not have a positive attitude for the teachings of Quran. But there are many historical and scientific prospects of Quran. With a detailed study of Quran anyone can understand its intention for human behavior.

The Quran particularly, is the ideal way to accept God religiously as well as mentally. The invitation to replicate on God’s signs is well said all through the Quran. Quran says, not to accept any information until unless you verify it, for which the god has gifted us the eyesight, brain, and senses. God has asked us to read the holy Quran very carefully.

In scientific prospects of Quran, it has so much scientific content in itself. The new researches by the scientist which are coming in the light in current scenario are described in Quran deeply. It is described in Quran that everything in this mortal world is derived from the word “Allah”, which has a deep resonance frequency. The big bang theory is the reflection of separate heaven and earth theory in Quran. In other scientific respects of Quran, the progress of a human child in mother’s womb is explained well in Quran from the generation of ovum up to a human child.

In historical aspects of Quran, it has the accurate historical events like the destiny of Pharaoh. Other historical facts of Quran include the defeat of Persians in Issus battle with the Romans. So, Quran has rich historical segments as well in its verses.

Verses of Quran gives a confirmation that God has given us proofs of His existence and also in the whole universe. It all gives a call to read, reflect and verify. Unhappily, some conventional Muslims still hadn’t accepted the great miracles of The Quran and find it hard to accept that God has a solid proof of its existence in Quran. It just exposes the ignorance of them towards God and Quran despite the fact that historical and scientific prospects of Quran have been proved.

According to the sculptures, there are a dozen of reasons, why Muslims should follow the Quran and nothing else should affect or amend the religious laws of Islam. The Quran contains God’s law that lay down the rituals and practices of worship, but also meant to attain justice. The Quran always offers solid and uncomplicated clear-cut solutions. If there is more than one solution, it always gives allowance for complicated or extraordinary conditions.

So, as per the present time holy Quran should be learned in the light of historical and scientific prospects of Quran. It is the main reason behind the fact that Muslim religion is growing and is a very large community now. It is another important fact that the virtues of True Islam are the consequences of Quran and derived from the customs of Muslim religion.

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